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Rheofil AT 130

Rheofil AT 130 | HASE Thickener

  • Function


  • Properties

    It works very efficiently in an alkaline nature so it is recommended that pH of the paint system should be between 9.0 -9.5 before addition of this thickener.

Hydrophobically Modified Alkali Swellable Emulsion. It is very easy to handle and incorporate into the system.  It can be added at different stage as long as paint system is sufficiently alkaline during the incorporation and sufficient mixing is available. It could be incorporated either at mill base stage before or after addition of pigment and extender to give mill base consistency or at the let down stage..

Technical Information
Milky white emulsion with 30 % solid.

Features & Advantages

  • Hydrophobically Modified Alkali Swellable Thickener.
  • Useful in wide range of water based paint system..
  • Provides superior flow and leveling, excellent stability.
  • Partial replacement of HEC which helps reducing formulation cost.


Suitable for mid to high PVC paints & also recommanded recommended for use in textured paints. 

Additional Information
It can be used  alone or combination with other thickeners also.