Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

Indofil has two multi-product, state-of-the-art, PLC-based (Programmable Logic Control) manufacturing facilities and multiple toll units across various locations in India. The facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and the processes are fully automated with advanced equipment and environmentally-compliant machines, ensuring faster throughput and safe working conditions.

The first plant of Indofil at Thane, commissioned in 1962, continues to possess one of the most modern production facilities in the industry. It is one of the world’s largest EBDC fungicide plants, producing popular fungicides, including Mancozeb, Zineb, Maneb, Cymoxanil, Tricyclazole, Myclobutanil, Metalaxyl, Dodine and Propergite. Indofil’s manufacturing facility is at Dahej SEZ (Special Economic Zone) and is ranked among the top 10 SEZs in the world by Financial Times, London.


Indofil Thane Plant

Location: Thane, Maharashtra

Year of Establishment: 1962

Products Manufactured: Agriculture Chemicals

Total Production Capacity: 20,000 tons

Indofil Thane Plant

Location: Dahej, Gujarat

Year of Establishment: 2009

Products Manufactured: Agriculture Chemicals

Total Production Capacity: 30,000 tons


Indofil commenced commercial production at the recently commissioned plant at SEZ Dahej. The additional capacity expansion from 18,000 MT to 30,000 MT per annum of Mancozeb will help Indofil to meet the increased international demand for FY 2012. The increased production capacity has helped us in reducing the process cost.This plant is another landmark in company journey towards manufacturing excellence, quality and efficiency.


Joint Ventures

Joint Venture with Hisun (HIFIL):

The objective of the Indofil and Hisun Joint Venture is to register exclusive imports of agriculture chemicals and to distribute formulations. The data generation for registration is in progress.

Joint Venture with Shanghai Baijin Chemical Group Co. Ltd. (SBC), China:

As part of the backward integration strategy, Indofil entered into a Joint Venture agreement with Shanghai Baijin Chemical Group Co. Ltd. (SBC) to manufacture Carbon-Di- Sulphide (CS2). The company holds 51% of the equity in the joint venture, which would help Indofil to cut down the import of CS2 completely.

  • Located at Dahej SEZ
  • India's first green technology plant which would not use Charcoal (produced from wood)
  • To manufacture 50,000 MT / annum of CS2
  • Expected to save around 1,000 kgs of wood per ton of CS2 produced
  • Expected to reduce deforestation by 58 sq. kms. per annum
  • The technology & know - how supplier for this plant shall be SBC
  • There is no chemically contaminated waste water discharge from this plant
  • The outlet gases contain less than 3 kgs/ton of SRU feed
  • Signed a purchase agreement for 15 years for securing 50% of the plant™ production. Rest of the production to be sold to fibre, rubber and agriculture chemical units
  • Natural Gas would be supplied by GSPC (Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation)
  • Sulphur would be supplied by Indian Oil Refinery, Vadodara

This joint venture will entail a unique landmark in terms of manufacturing technology & efficiency and will take the company to new heights of excellence.


Contact Person

Dr. Atchutuni L. Rao (Vice President, Manufacturing)